Julia Dean


Hello! My name is Julia Dean, and I am a first year PhD student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I am co-advised by Dr. Amy Voida and Dr. Bryan Semaan. My research is focused on the digital landscape for immigrants and refugees in the United States, the role of digital identity to societal newcomers, accessible information gathering, and critical HCI. You can read about my current projects here.

Before starting at CU, I worked primarily at nonprofits and technology startups. My career included working with people with disabilities to find gainful employment, J-1 visa sponsorship to the United States, insurance technology, and creative tools. Prior to that, I received a dual undergraduate degree in International Affairs and Spanish/Portuguese.

In my free time, you can find me trail running, skiing, gravel biking, or reading! Feel free to reach out about any of the topics above!

Graduate Application Assistance

As a second-career graduate student, I completely understand how difficult it is to feel confident applying to grad school at any stage of life, especially after time away. I would be happy to read/review materials, talk about careers or graduate life, or share my own materials!


Spring 2023: After starting my Master’s degree at CU, I recently found out that I received an offer to continue into the PhD here at CU in the Information Science department! I will be coadvised by Dr. Amy Voida and Dr. Bryan Semaan. I am thrilled to continue my academic journey here!